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ITAEFNARC Nozzleman Certification Scheme

In the past, EFNARC has produced well-respected Industry Guidelines and has made significant contributions to European Standards and now believes that it is time to concentrate on the other key link in providing high quality sprayed concrete – the Nozzleman. The Nozzleman project was undertaken by the EFNARC Sprayed Concrete Technical Committee and culminated in the launch the EFNARC Nozzleman Certification Scheme in September 2009.

The EFNARC Nozzleman Certification Scheme is not a Training Course; it only offers certification to Nozzlemen who have already gained the necessary experience and can demonstrate their technical knowledge and practical ability. The Scheme has been developed in recognition that the Construction Industry requires a means of identifying expert Nozzlemen. The Scheme is currently limited to wet, robotic sprayed concrete and has been developed primarily for the European market, although it will have a wider application.

The Scheme operates through National Examiners who assess Nozzlemen for their theoretical and practical skills at their workplace. The first stage of the scheme is to identify and accredit suitable Examiners through the attendance of an EFNARC Assessment Course. The first Examiner Assessment courses were held in September and November 2009, subsequent courses will be held annually. Nozzleman certification follows the successful accreditation of Examiners.

EFNARC is pleased to announce it has received Endorsement of its Nozzleman scheme by ITA-CET the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association’s Committee on Education and Training. The scheme is progressing well and now has certified Examiners and Nozzlemen from across North America, South America, Europe, South Asia and Australasia.

An Introduction to the Nozzleman Scheme is available on the Publications page.

EFNARC Examiner Assessment
Examiner Assessment Courses are run by CUC - International Center for Geotechnics & Underground Construction on behalf of EFNARC at the Hagerbach Test Gallery, Polistrasse 1, CH-8893 Flums Hochwiese, Switzerland.

It is anticipated that the next EFNARC Nozzleman Examiner Assessment Course will run in autumn 2020, further information will follow when the dates become available..

If you are interested in attending future Examiner Assessment Courses, please complete and return the Nozzleman Examiner Application form to the EFNARC Secretary at secretary@efnarc.org.

Download the Nozzleman Examiner Application Form Here

EFNARC Nozzleman Assessment
Nozzleman Certification is carried out by EFNARC Certified Nozzleman Examiners. Anyone wishing to obtain EFNARC Nozzleman Certification should contact the EFNARC Secretary for the details of their local Nozzleman Examiners.


EFNARC has introduced a new concept for achieving Nozzleman Certification called EFNARC C2. Please visit www.efnarcc2.org for further details.