EFNARC is the Authoritative Voice of Contractors, Manufacturers, Raw Material Suppliers and Consultants in the Specialised Construction and Concrete Systems Industry.

EFNARC is a not for profit organisation founded in 1989 and comprises Company members and  Associate Members from Europe, Asia and Australasia. Our current focus is underground construction technology, particularly in relation to sprayed concrete having launched the Nozzleman Certification Scheme in September 2009.

Since forming 1989, EFNARC has published many technical reports and guidelines and has played a major role in the drafting of the first construction industry related harmonised European Norms. Today, EFNARC, Experts for Specialised Construction and Concrete Systems, is the authoritative voice of contractors, manufacturers, raw material suppliers and consultants in the Specialised Construction and Concrete Systems industry. Our current main focus is in the underground construction and mining industries; more specifically sprayed concrete (Nozzleman Certification Scheme) and use of fibres in sprayed concrete. EFNARC launched the Nozzleman Certification Scheme in September 2009, the culmination of many years hard work, and in October 2011 EFNARC proudly received ITA Endorsement. In 2012 the Scheme was shortlisted for the NCE International Tunnelling Awards 2012 in the category of Safety Initiative of the Year. Our scheme has since become a huge success and has been introduced across Europe, North America, South America, South Asia and Australasia. Our scheme currently has over 80 certified Examiners and over 200 certified Nozzlemen.

The EFNARC Nozzleman Scheme Course Notes are now available in English, Spanish, Italian and Finnish for free download from our publications page. Additionally, introduction documents in English, Spanish and Finnish can also be downloaded for free from the publications page.

It is anticipated that the next EFNARC Nozzleman Examiner Assessment Course will run in autumn 2020, further information will follow when the dates become available.

EFNARC is working on a new concept for achieving Nozzleman Certification called EFNARC C2. EFNARC C2 has been established to create a standardised qualification framework that combines both training and assessment enabling the assessment of both novice operators and experienced Nozzlemen. More information can be obtained by visiting our Nozzleman webpage.

If you require further details on the Nozzleman scheme or wish to register on the next Nozzleman Examiner course please visit our Nozzleman webpage.

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